Auto Electrical Repair
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Auto Electrical Repair
Tim's Performance Service Center

Auto Electrical Repair — Tarpon Springs FL

The electrical system of your car is an intricate network of wires and parts. From the starter motor to the battery, from the wiring to the alternator, all these parts are needed to start and run the engine and accessories. Since the electrical system is so complex, it may be difficult to find a good repair shop to take care of your auto electrical system needs.

Skilled Technicians

Tim’s Performance Services has skilled technicians who can find their way around any electrical system and repair it. In fact, Tim himself has been an ASE certified technician for over 45 years. With his experience, knowledge and leadership, his team can solve any electrical problem in your car, truck or RV.  Tim’s Performance will make sure that your vehicle’s electrical system will be in excellent shape for years to come.

Expert Diagnosis

The simplest auto repairs are often the most difficult for unskilled mechanics to find. They may change a battery and other components, only to eventually find that it was the battery cables which were faulty. We service and replace batteries, but we also find problems that can run down a battery or keep it from connecting as it should. One of these sources of trouble may be the alternator of your car. If your alternator is weak or quits working, it will stop supplying current to run your car’s electrical parts and accessories. A bad alternator will eventually wear down your battery. We can diagnose the problem with your alternator. We can check the voltage along your system to find out where the problems lie. Your alternator may simply need a new alternator belt or brushes. If it needs an internal regulator, an alternator replacement might be in order. Your skilled technician here at Tim’s Performance Service Center will take care of the trouble in your alternator.

Is your Starter Working?

A working starter is an absolute must if you plan on driving your car anywhere at all. It is what cranks the engine and sets the combustion process into motion. Without it you would go nowhere. Our skilled technicians can hunt down the source of your starter problems, whether they are in the wiring or in the starter motor itself.

Every Electrical Part Working

With a good starter, battery, alternator and all-around top-notch electrical system, you will have no need for jumper cables. Your car will start and run, and your accessories will be supplied with electricity to run them. At Tim’s Performance, we make sure every part of your auto’s electrical system is working before we offer it up as a completed repair. Then, we back our work with a 12,000 mile or 12-month warranty. Come see us in Tarpon Springs, Florida for outstanding automotive electrical system service.

If you have any questions or need additional information, give us a call or email us and we will assist you on any request.

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