Brake Repair
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Brake Repair
Tim's Performance Service Center

Brake Repair — Tarpon Springs FL

Your auto brakes should stop your car when you press the brake pedal, and they should make the stop smoothly and quietly. Not only do excellent brakes keep you and your family safe; they also make it possible for you to stop your car at the destinations you choose.

Without brakes, your car would not be useful to you at all.

Required Maintenance

Yet, braking systems may require maintenance and repair from time to time. It is important to be alert to signs of unusual brake wear at any time. If you notice brake problems, or just want to come in for a brake system check-up, see us at Tim’s Performance Service Center in Tarpon Springs, Florida for quick, professional service.

Diagnosing Brake Issues

As you are driving around town and or on the road, you might notice screeching or clanking noises when you apply your brakes. This could mean it is time for new brake shoes or brake pads, or you might only need an adjustment in one of your braking system parts. On the other hand, your brakes might squeak when they get wet during a rainstorm or hot from unusually hard braking such as a near accident. We at Tim’s Performance will diagnose your brake problems and only change or repair brakes that are in need of service. When we do find a brake problem, our technicians go to work right away to fix the brake system component. We can replace disk brake pads or drum brake shoes for you. We also have the knowledge to find any brake fluid leaks in your system. The brake lines, a network of hoses and tubes, must be in good condition for the brakes to work, and we will monitor them for you at a regular maintenance check.

Warning Lights

Your brakes master cylinder should be fairly worry-free, but occasionally an internal leak will cause you to feel sponginess when you step down on your brake pedal. We can take care of master cylinder repairs effectively and get you and your car safely back on the road. When the red warning light comes on for your anti-lock brake system, your car’s brakes should not stop working altogether. However, your car works best with the system, and we will do the work necessary to get your ABS up and running should it fail.

Here at Tim’s Performance Service Center, we offer only the finest brake system repair and maintenance. Our skilled and experienced technicians will fix your brakes the right way, and we will back that with a 12,000 mile or 12-month warranty. You need the best brakes service, and we deliver it.

If you have any questions or need additional information, give us a call or email us and we will assist you on any request.

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