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Exhaust Systems
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Exhaust Systems — Tarpon Springs FL

A faulty exhaust system can make a car noisy, smelly and even sometimes illegal to drive. It can cause the car to be unsafe, and it can ruin your good gas mileage. For all these reasons, we at Tim’s Performance Service Center take the utmost care in making sure your exhaust system is intact and functioning well. Our 12,000 mile or 12-month warranty proves our dedication to giving you the best exhaust service available.

Poor Gas Mileage

If your car is getting poor gas mileage, one reason might be a bad oxygen sensor. Your oxygen sensor tells the computer in your car how rich to make the fuel mixture as you drive. If it goes bad, it may start triggering a hike in the richness of your fuel. This causes you to burn more gas per mile. Our muffler technicians can identify an oxygen sensor that needs to be changed and do the job quickly.

Exhaust Systems Rust

Your car’s exhaust system might have more serious problems. Perhaps your exhaust system has rusted through in places. This is often the case in damp climates like Florida’s. Exhaust systems are especially vulnerable to rust when you use them to make short trips most of the time. The water vapor that is produced in running the car does not have an opportunity to evaporate on a short trip, and it condenses on your exhaust system, causing rust.

Exhaust system rust can present a real danger to you and your family. When holes rust through, noxious gases can come into the passenger compartment of your car and poison your family’s air as you go down the road or sit idling at a light. Those gases can also cause damage to the environment. Exhaust systems cannot wait to be fixed. If they are spilling poisonous fumes into your family’s air, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Our ASE certified technicians will make sure these repairs are done professionally and that your car meets all EPA requirements for exhaust systems.

Noise Reduction

The muffler keeps your engine noises quiet. This allows you to go through neighborhoods without waking the residents. At Tim’s Performance Service Center, we make sure your muffler is intact and keeping your car quiet. We see to it that you do not experience trouble because of a missing or loud muffler.

Catalytic Converters

If your catalytic converter needs to be replaced, you will probably see signs such as a loss of power, a red glowing in the converter, or heat coming through the floor of your car. Some mechanics would tell you that you do not need a catalytic converter, but at Tim’s Performance Service Center, we fix what needs to be fixed and replace what needs to be replaced. Your catalytic converter is no different.

We are conveniently located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, at 906 Verona Place. Our expert, talented and skilled technicians will maintain, repair or replace any exhaust system on any auto you bring us. We are waiting to serve you here at Tim’s Performance Service Center.

If you have any questions or need additional information, give us a call or email us and we will assist you on any request.

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